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Optimize sales ad and increase reselling profit

Perfect product photos + optimize descriptions and titles

Whether you’re reselling electronics, sneakers, Lego, or something else entirely, you’re always going to have to deal with the issue of “selling ads”. In this post, Ben will cover the most important three elements: the product image, the description, and the title. If you want to learn more about reselling in a different format and you’re interested in just these kinds of topics, feel free to check out Ben’s course.

Product images: take perfect product photos

As you already know, the first thing the potential customer sees is the product image. It is therefore essential that the product photo looks professional and puts the product in a good light. Basically, there are 4 different points that you should consider:

1. Create high quality pictures

This point is very important. There is (almost) nothing worse than a poorly resolved image. Tip: In many cases, a modern smartphone is already sufficient to take high-quality pictures. This is how you prevent poor-resolution images from scaring customers away. Many buyers associate poor-resolution images with fake or scam products. In addition, this also prevents the customer from getting a detailed picture of the item. Nobody likes to buy a product without being sure if all defects and traces of use are visible (if you are dealing with used goods). If the customer does not have the opportunity to inspect the item (e.g. during a pickup), he will not buy the product and you will lose the sale to a competitor. Resellers who sell on eBay can alternatively use their own photo catalog.

2. Pay attention to the environment and lighting conditions

It is also very important that the lighting conditions are right and the environment is not distracting. The buyer wants to be able to see the product clearly and it should be placed on a solid color background so that the focus is clearly on the product.

It’s especially professional if you use a photo box. These are not expensive at all and ensure that your pictures look highly professional. Photoboxes cost between 30 and 100$. We can recommend this photo box.

3. Try to show the whole product

Here is a small example: Suppose you sell an iPhone 5s with a charging cable and the original packaging. If you now only select the iPhone as the cover image, the customer will not notice that you also include accessories with the iPhone. So you do not stand out from the crowd. It is important to show everything you are selling on the cover image so that the customer sees the added value in your ad. Then you should show the product and accessories individually.

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4. Show your product honestly and do not hide anything

Show your product: sneaker photo

Never hide defects or other deficiencies, because then the customer will be dissatisfied and you will face many problems. Among them are returns and bad reviews. So always remain honest and sell your goods with the best conscience.

Product title

If you have won the customer’s attention with your product image, you must next convince with the product title. Again and again, I see titles like “iPhone black” or “iPhone 5s” and I’m not surprised that these items sell poorly.

What should you pay attention to?

It is important to have a meaningful title that shows the buyer in a short time what your ad is about. So, if you are selling an iPhone 5s, the most important technical data that is relevant for the customer should be mentioned in the title. The title could then look like this: “iPhone 5s 16GB black TOP condition”. It quickly becomes clear that this is an iPhone 5s with 16GB in black and that the iPhone is in very good condition. This condition information in the title makes sense insofar as the iPhone has only a few signs of use and accordingly the price is also somewhat higher. The title describes your article in the shortest way and your customers are filtered by the title. Thus, only strong prospects click on your ads and the probability of an inquiry is higher. It is also important that you include as many keywords as possible in the title. If someone searches for “iPhone black” your article should be displayed because you have a black iPhone. But this does not mean that the title should be spammed with keywords (e.g. “iPhone 5s black 16GB, smartphone, cell phone, no Samsung”), because this leads to untrustworthiness for the customer and is counterproductive. So make sure that the title contains the most important keywords that apply to the article.

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The right product description for a strong selling ad

Last but not least, I would like to highlight the product description. You now have warm traffic on your ad with the help of a high-quality product image and a concise title. What does “warm traffic” mean?

The term originally comes from online marketing and is, in my opinion, also appropriate for reselling. Warm traffic means that all generated clicks are executed with high interest and the customers are very likely to be strongly interested in your article (e.g. the iPhone 5s). These possible buyers must now be convinced by the product description on “Buy it now” or “Send message”, to click. Here are the most important aspects:

  • Describe both positive and negative points
  • The description should not be too short and not too long
  • Mention relevant side information for the buyer (shipping conditions, accessories, etc.)

In the description, you should address the question “What does the customer need to know about my item for sale?”. In addition to the selling points, the defects should also be described. Basically, all important information that could be of interest to the buyer must be placed in the description. This also includes shipping options (important on eBay classifieds or Shpock), payment terms (bank, credit card, PayPal, etc.), and also possible accessories.


In summary, the perfect ad is an interaction of a product photo, product title, and product description. You’ll gradually get more and more of a feel for which titles are strong sellers and which are perhaps less so. Reselling is a process of learning. In any case, my tip is to start simple and create your first ad. Also look at what the descriptions of other sellers look like and take one or the other aspect with you, without copying a description completely. I wish you much success with your reselling business and selling your products.

Learning by doing!

Unfortunately, the search for attractive deals is very time-consuming. That’s why we have developed a free app that informs you daily about the best reselling deals. Download it now for free and become a reseller!

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