Reselling experiences – from resellers

Maybe you’re thinking about reselling some products while you’re at school, college or work. You could register a reselling business, register on eBay and buy and sell goods. Sounds so simple. But there are certainly a lot of questions that come to your mind. What do I have to consider legally? Where do I get my goods? What kind of goods do I sell at all? Which reselling niches are there? Perhaps you also doubt whether the whole thing is something for you and whether it is worth it.

Reselling: Get real insight

This blog article should help you get a rough idea of what it’s like to resell. It should also motivate you to build up your own reselling business. For this purpose, different resellers report about their experiences, how they came to it and what they specifically resell. A big thank you to the 3 (PandaJay1, FlippMoneyGame, and Adrian Kluck) who agreed to talk about their reselling business.

PandaJay1: From poker player to reseller

He is a passionate poker player and reseller full time. He also shares his interesting impressions and experiences on Instagram under @PandaJay1.

How did you get into reselling?

Last year I started to put my own stuff online for fun and asked myself how to do it best. This is how I came across the topic of reselling. In the beginning, the YouTube channel “Reselling Mit Kopf” helped me a lot. Through other resellers with whom you exchange a lot, you learn more and more and gain experience in the field of reselling.

Which products do you have the most reselling experience with?

I sell mainly everything that has to do with gaming: from PC accessories to any console you can imagine. Used goods, as well as new. I’m very knowledgeable about that now. However, I never shy away from taking Knallerfalke’s deal tips and then selling things from completely different areas. In fact, I’ve had some good experiences with his deals. The other day there was a paper shredder for 60$. It went for 150$ on the first day. The Lego deals are also great. The Lego Camaro 75891 bought for 10$ is today already worth 13$. With which stock in the world is there a 30% return directly on purchase?

Not only Pandajay, but hundreds of other resellers find good deals to resell every day with the help of the Knallerfalke app. Download the app now for free!

How much time do you invest in reselling?

The question of the time is difficult because I simply forget the time as soon as I enjoy things. It can be that I’m busy all day just posting ads on eBay or that I just do nothing at all for a day. The nice thing about the job is that it’s very flexible and no one can pressure you. For example, the other day I was on vacation for 4 weeks and my online store was just closed. Yes, that really works. Then, of course, there are other days: for example, there is hardly any free time at Christmas, because the business is running at full speed.

What have you been able to accomplish in reselling so far?

To be honest I am quite a newbie. I registered my business in May 2020. However, it plays into my cards even more and I love meeting new people. If you know the right people, you can get into this new world of reselling very quickly. My goal is to reach 1000 Ebay reviews by the end of the year, which is a real milestone for me. Although I am now already a top and power seller on eBay the goal is to become just as successful on eBay is just the beginning for me.


He has been reselling for about a year and recently started posting videos on YouTube about reselling.

How did you get into reselling?

Reselling was the only business idea where I couldn’t immediately think of 100 reasons why it wouldn’t work. I also knew it would work because I had already sold my own toys that I no longer needed. There were no more excuses for me to try it out myself.

Which products do you have the most reselling experience with?

I resell mainly video games and board games. Meanwhile, but also clothes and cuddly toys are becoming larger and larger areas with me. I get the goods mostly at flea markets or via eBay classifieds. With these used goods, high margins can be achieved if you have some experience in the field. Among all the things, often find real treasures that are really worth a lot of money.

How much time do you invest in reselling?

I do the whole thing on the side and spend about 45 minutes a day on reselling. But that is a bit too little. I would rather invest double the time to really have the time to find good deals and then advertise them again. Since I’ve been sharing my reselling experiences on Instagram and YouTube for a while now, the time commitment has naturally increased a bit for me. Because I have to produce the content, edit videos, and so on.

Not only Flippmoneygame, but hundreds of other resellers find good deals to resell every day with the help of the Knallerfalke app. Download the app now for free!

What have you been able to accomplish in reselling so far?

I have built up a nice additional income of 400-500$ per month. In addition, of course, I learned many things for future ideas and projects. These experiences mean even more to me than money.

What tips would you give to beginners?

The most important thing is really to just start in the first place. My motto is: “Better to start imperfectly than to wait perfectly”. Because what good is it if I have everything planned but just can’t find the courage to start? Also, don’t be put off by people who claim that the market is overcrowded and that there are no profits to be made. Of course, it requires effort, but it is still very much possible. The best tip is to make your own reselling experience and get started instead of trying to plan everything perfectly.

Adrian Kluck: 20.000$ turnover in 2 years

Adrian still goes to school and does reselling on the side. Besides reselling, he has built up an impressive reach on YouTube, which he uses to give tips and reports on his business.

How did you get into reselling?

I was constantly looking for serious methods to earn money. After delivering newspapers, filling out online surveys, and many other ideas, I happened to come across an offer of four new Playstation 4 controllers with damaged packaging in the summer of 2018. I ordered a few and made a good profit. I got more and more into it and made about 150$ with it in the first month, which I was very proud of. That was the starting signal for reselling.

Which products do you have the most reselling experience with?

Mainly I resell Lego and small electronics, e.g. Nintendo Switches, Smartphones, and so on. I focus exclusively on new products. In March I also dared to import products from China. Besides the “classic” reselling I run this import business, but I have to say that I currently make more profit with it than with reselling itself. Times are changing.

How much time do you invest in reselling?

The time I invest, I actually difficult to measure…. Does thinking in the shower count? I try to use my time as well as possible. I have hired a mini-jobber on a 450$ basis for the 50 or so orders I receive every day. In total, I work on the day-to-day business for about an hour a day. This includes managing new orders and answering customer inquiries. In addition, I spend certainly 6 hours every month doing my bookkeeping. I have most of it automated, but things like customs invoices, customer cancellations, and purchases from vendors I still have to post myself. I’m still in school right now, but I still have plenty of free time. I probably spend an hour a day working on new projects or looking for new products to import or tweaking existing ones.

What have you been able to accomplish in reselling so far?

What I have achieved so far is a good question. The most important thing is that I’m currently happy with my situation. I could move out on the spot and live well from what I make. In numbers that is currently about 20,000$ turnover per month. Explicitly in the area of reselling not only, I could achieve something, but also hundreds of people I was allowed to help personally in the last 12 months. I am especially proud of that.

Try reselling: Good luck

Those were some, subjective, very interesting impressions of resellers out there. As you’ve seen, there are countless ways to make money with reselling. Besides the classic buying and selling of video games, investing in Lego is also possible. We hope the post helped you and even encouraged you to start your own reselling business. Good luck!