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LEGO® VIP Program: Benefits and Registration

Have you been a fan of Lego® from an early age? Do you want to get the most out of your hobby? Or do you make Lego investments and want to buy as cheaply as possible? Then you will be interested in the loyalty program of the Lego brand. For a long time now, the cult building blocks have been more than just simple toys for young children. With detailed building sets, you can create and display true masterpieces of construction art. For the far-reaching market of building blocks, Lego now offers its VIP program for you. This promises a number of different benefits and bonuses for your loyalty on a free basis.

With the following blog article, we would like to bring the loyalty program closer and give you an impression of its benefits. We’ll also explain how you can make the most of the benefits and profit from rewards. You will learn how to become a part of the VIP program, how to get rewards, and what exactly is behind it.

What is the Lego® VIP Program?

The VIP program is a loyalty program for every enthusiastic Lego® collector and Lego builder. It is based on free registration and is available in many different countries around the world. You will be rewarded with loyalty points for every purchase of Lego products. However, purchases must be made directly through the brand’s own sales channels. This means via the Lego® online store, the Lego Store, or its customer service. If you are an avid collector of Lego sets & Co. this advantage of collecting points alone is worth it. In addition, the VIP program allows you to buy Lego sets at a low price, which is also interesting for people who do Lego reselling.

In addition to purchases, there are other activities you can do to increase your score. You can answer surveys, follow the Lego® social media pages and easily earn points. These are all stored for you in your new VIP digital card and VIP account. There they are ready for you to redeem for rewards. The different rewards are worth different amounts and can be redeemed by you via a VIP Reward Center. You can find out which reward you can choose and how many points you have to convert for it in one of the following sections.

In addition to the opportunity to earn loyalty points and rewards with every purchase, you can also expect other benefits as a VIP. We have summarized these exclusive advantages that you receive through the Lego® VIP program for you in the following section.

Advantages of the VIP program

The Lego® VIP membership itself has the advantage that joining is free of charge for you. Without a one-time or regular fee, you can easily benefit from the various advantages. Your Lego VIP membership includes the following benefits:

  • Every time you make a purchase through the brand’s own brick-and-mortar stores, the Lego online store, or its customer service, you earn loyalty points that you can redeem for various bonuses.
  • With some of your purchases, you will receive additional VIP gifts on top.
  • You can easily collect your points on your digital VIP card, which you can download to your smartphone. You also have exclusive access to the Lego Rewards Center and its rewards for your loyalty.
  • You have the opportunity to participate in exclusive Lego sweepstakes.
  • Every month, you’ll have access to special Lego offers that are only available to VIP members.
  • You will always benefit from exclusive VIP member discounts, promotions, and special events. These include promotional periods where you earn double points or benefit from the annual VIP Weekend.
  • As a VIP, you have early access to new Lego sets that are only available to regular customers at a later date.
LEGO VIP program advantages

To enjoy these exclusive benefits, you only need to meet two requirements. First, you have to register free of charge. To register, however, you need a valid Lego® ID. How to register for the loyalty program with this ID is explained below.

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Registration for the LEGO® VIP Program

To register for the Lego® VIP program, you must have a Lego ID. You will receive this ID after registering on the Lego website. With it, you have the possibility to shop online at Lego and save wish lists. Apart from that, you can save game saves to your account.

To sign up for the Lego® loyalty program and take advantage of the various promotions and benefits, you have several options.

  1. One option is to register online. On the Lego website, you will find the VIP section in the top column, where you can do this. There you can also see all the benefits and conditions. Alternatively, you can go directly to the VIP page and start the registration process. Step by step you log in with your standard account and upgrade it to VIP status. If you don’t have an account and an account ID yet, register first.
  2. Alternatively, you can start your VIP membership at your local Lego store. After an employee there has initiated the registration, you will receive an e-mail with a link that you can use to fill out your profile.
  3. Would you like the help of an employee, but you don’t have a Lego store near you? Then you can also request your VIP registration by phone. After the employee has initiated the registration, you will receive an e-mail with all further steps to complete your registration. You will then receive another e-mail confirming your new VIP account with your digital card.
LEGO VIP Program register online

How to collect loyalty points

As a Lego® VIP, you can collect loyalty points through various activities, which you can later redeem for rewards. First and foremost, of course, you collect loyalty points through your purchases at Lego. For every purchase for services and products that you make directly at Lego, you increase your points balance. Only the purchase of gift vouchers is excluded. Accumulated loyalty points are also deducted again in the event of a return.

It doesn’t matter how you make your purchase, as long as it goes directly to Lego®. You can shop online with your registered Lego account and get the points automatically credited after payment. Alternatively, you can collect them when you place an order over the phone, quoting your 9-digit card number, or in person at the Lego Store. Even in person, you simply have to show your card when making a purchase or give your e-mail address for identification. You will be credited with 7.5 VIP points for every euro you spend.

Apart from purchases, you can also fill your points account by participating in activities and social media promotions. For example, take part in surveys or follow Lego® on social media and easily increase your points balance. All you need to do is log in with your VIP account and link it to your social media accounts.

You can find your accumulated points directly on the Lego® VIP Dashboard or on your digital card. There you can also find out about all the ways you can increase your score.

Redeem loyalty points

To have your points converted and redeemed for a reward, select them in the VIP Dashboard. These are available to you while stocks last and may come with additional terms and conditions. These are listed by Lego® on the dashboard as well. Once you have selected a reward, you will need to follow these instructions and note that this transaction is not revocable once completed.

There are certain things to keep in mind when redeeming. Your rewards cannot be paid out in cash and may be replaced by Lego® with other items of equal or greater value. However, you will have to pay taxes and other possible costs that are not listed as included. So possible shipping or handling fees will be noted at checkout when redeeming.

Your completed transaction will be concluded with a confirmation email. For some rewards, this email will contain instructions on how to proceed. For electronically transferred rewards, you can expect this after up to 48 hours.

An example of a reward in electronic format is coupon codes. These are saved in your account on the website and sent to you as an email. The code is valid for the amount of your purchase, excluding taxes, shipping costs, and possible handling fees. Moreover, it must be redeemed by you personally by the marked expiration date. You can use it for anything within the time period, except for the purchase of a gift card.

What VIP bonuses are available?

Which rewards are available to you changes all the time. Each reward is only available while supplies last and is worth different amounts of points. There may be entire Lego® sets, small key chains, or discount codes, for example. You can see what is currently redeemable on the Lego VIP Dashboard. Possible restrictions for your reward are also noted there in the fine print.

A distinction is made between digital and physical rewards. Digital items, such as discount codes, can be redeemed in any number at the same time. Physical rewards can only be redeemed once per order.

For every Euro you spend, you earn 7.5 points. This corresponds to 5% on your purchase. You can redeem the points directly or collect them. You can collect up to a maximum of 15000 loyalty points and redeem them for various rewards. If you are determined to collect a particularly large number of loyalty points, you can also redeem them for particularly rare and unusual rewards. These include exclusive Lego® Originals, artwork, and patent drawings from the Lego archives, as well as admission tickets. For example, for 4000 loyalty points, you can take a trip to any Legoland. Legoland Discovery tickets for any Legoland Discovery Center are available for a VIP account balance of 1500 loyalty points. Lego House tickets for 2500 loyalty points are also a possible reward for you as a loyal Lego fan.

Note, however, that your points may also expire after a certain period of time. After 18 months of inactivity on your VIP account, i.e. not earning or redeeming anything, they will expire. Before that, you will be reminded and made aware of it by email. The advantages of the Lego VIP program are numerous, but the Danish manufacturer of terminal bricks does not have the right set for every taste in its assortment. At this point, Lego alternatives can be interesting.

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