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LEGO® Reselling: The Basics to Get Started

A simple toy, which is very popular not only with children. LEGO® comes in different shapes, colors, and themes and that’s what makes it so interesting. However, collectors are also interested in these little bricks. Hardly any other toy has such value and can hold its own on the market for many decades. Precisely because the interest of different people is so great, it is possible to earn very good money with this product. LEGO Investments can provide some tips and tricks for a small additional income. Of course, the whole thing does not happen by itself and does not happen overnight. Nevertheless, it can be very lucrative. We would like to give you some advice about LEGO reselling and show you how you can be particularly successful with this.

The basics of LEGO® Reselling

In order for you to be able to resell LEGO® profitably and effectively, there are some points that you should definitely consider. With certain tips and tricks, success will come after a short time. However, especially with reselling you need a little patience. It is not a steady income. So consider it more as a hobby where you can earn money. As the main income, this method is only suitable to a limited extent and it takes a few years before such a mainstay is secure.

Basically, reselling is about finding a special reselling niche. Not all LEGO parts, bricks, or sets sell equally well. There are always items that sell much better than bricks that almost everyone has at home. Also, you should pay attention to how the quality is. Countless pieces of advice you can find on the internet can confuse you very quickly. There are numerous sites that explain different things over and over again. But we would like to show you what really matters. For this purpose, we have compiled a small, simple overview of the most important points for you.

The following points are important in LEGO® reselling:

  • Research
  • Storage
  • Buying and selling strategies
  • Profit margin

The right research

Not every LEGO® product is suitable for resale. Here, it is first necessary to research the market and determine which products bring in the most money. Basically, there is a rule of thumb here: All licensed products, modular buildings, limited sets, and seasonal items are generally suitable for successful reselling. The Speed Champion series, for example, is particularly popular, but Star Wars and Harry Potter sets are also always in demand. As a rule, the production of a certain series lasts between one and five years. If the span is shorter, for example with seasonal products at Christmas, then you can also strike here and sell them later for more expensive.

Before investing, make sure you know which sets are currently in high demand. It makes little sense if you just buy anything and then the increase in value is missing. When doing your research, you can also find out if the product is more end-of-life or beginning-of-life. If you decide to buy LEGO that will soon be out of production, then you won’t have to wait very long for your resale. Products that are at the beginning of the production period must first be stored properly for a few years before they can be sold at a profit.

Store, but properly

In order to achieve a high price later, you must store the LEGO correctly. There are a few important things to keep in mind. Packages that are not damaged or opened usually bring in more money than those that have flaws. As soon as you buy a LEGO set, you should not open it but store it directly. If you order an item on the Internet and the box shows damage upon delivery, then have the product returned and you will get a replacement. Only if everything is completely intact, you should accept the delivery. Only in this way you can be sure that later there is no loss of value.

There are also parts that can be bought at the flea market. Here, the original packaging is usually no longer present or already damaged. This is then depreciation. However, the purchase price is very low. If you want to store LEGO, which is already opened, you should always use small bags. This is where the bricks go. The bags are then placed in a closed box. The storage must always be dry and dark. Otherwise, the bricks and the packaging can be damaged.

The purchasing and sales strategies in LEGO® Reselling

The profit is in the purchase

When shopping, and also when selling later, there are some things that can significantly maximize your profit margin. Once you have decided to buy a new set or other figures or things, you should do some price research. Just compare different stores and sellers. Sometimes it helps to wait for a sale, Black Friday, or other promotions. Models that are at the end of their production time are also called end of life. Particularly good bargains can be achieved here. End of Life products is offered significantly cheaper than those that are in the middle of production time. The items have to make room and are therefore not sold at the original retail price. A savings of between 10 and 30 percent is quite possible here.

Flea markets can also be a very good source of purchases. Often LEGO parts are offered here for a fraction of the value. Families with children simply sell the toys here and usually have no knowledge of what the parts still have value. Although the packaging is often damaged or no longer available, you can find very desirable unique pieces that you can sell for a profit. Inform yourself on the Internet about the different products and research the current price here. This way you can easily find out if the respective product is suitable for your LEGO reselling.

Also interesting for Lego reselling is the trade with exclusive Lego sets. These are only available at Lego itself and are rarely cheap to buy. If you want to buy exclusive Lego sets, it is advisable to combine the purchase with Lego VIP points. You can redeem them later for vouchers or small Lego sets.

Furthermore, it is important that you use cashback providers when shopping! This brings you a few extra percentages, which you should not do without. If you do not yet use cashback, you can register here for free at GETMORE.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the best Lego® deals, be sure to download our app. There you’ll get good discounts every day via push notification and you can get a very low purchase price.

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Do not sell immediately

The sale usually takes place only after some time. Modular buildings in particular need a few years before their value increases. This is therefore a long-term investment. Licensed products or items that are aimed at a specific season can be sold much earlier. It is important to find the right sales platform for all strategies. Your target audience here is the collectors and not families with children. The profit margin should be as big as possible and this only works with the right buyers. Especially with the sale, you need a lot of patience. Collectors are always looking for certain products and items. LEGO reselling is about getting the maximum price over a longer period of time. And that means first and foremost: first invest, then wait to be able to sell successfully. Typical selling platforms are eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay Classifieds. However, you should set up your eBay account in advance, for example, to be able to start selling directly later.

Achieve the maximum profit margin

In order to achieve the maximum profit margin with your LEGO® reselling, you should proceed logically and objectively. Find out in advance which models or sets are in high demand. Then a sale is faster and more effective. A good example is the models of Speed Champions. In the purchase, the original cost was around 15 dollars. The sale can be earned here for around 30 euros. The increase in value of these products is relatively fast and you have already made your first profit after a short time. The situation is different with houses, castles, and even palaces. Basically, the complete bundle must always be available. This often consists of several sets. And even if you already have everything, you cannot sell it immediately for a profit. As a rule, it takes about 4 years before the maximum profit margin can be reached. So inform yourself exactly about the period, the resale value, and especially about the demand for the items.

You will also only achieve a particularly large profit margin if you find the right seller. People who are interested in old or entire sets are collectors. But you won’t find them at the flea market. So keep an eye out for suitable LEGO exchanges and platforms on the Internet. Only here you can get exactly the price you want. This can also be done quickly and easily on eBay. The circle of potential customers is particularly large here and you can address a wide range of customers.

Even with seemingly cheap figures, good profit margins can be achieved. There are not many resellers who specialize in the figures. So this is a niche that you can use to your advantage. On different websites, you can find information and prices about the small figurines. In addition, you will find a list of which ones are particularly rare and therefore very high in price. With a little research, you will quickly find out which figurines these are. Now you can look for them at flea markets. Here is the chance very high that you find individual figures. In addition, the purchase price is very low. If you are lucky, you can buy a LEGO figure for 2 to 3 euros and resell it for around 30 dollars.

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Conclusion about LEGO® Reselling

This is one way you can do your hobby for profit. With a little research and investment, you can get very good prices here. With the money you can create a little extra income. It’s not a steady income, but you’ll soon realize that LEGO® reselling is a worthwhile business. With a few tips and tricks and our advice, you can create the basis for a successful sale, and already after a few months, you will have your first income. The system is quite simple, but it requires a certain passion and especially patience. True LEGO fans can earn a little money in addition to your hobby. So LEGO is always a worthwhile and long-term investment, as long as you stick to the basics of LEGO reselling. Keep in mind that reselling Lego is a commercial activity and consequently a business registration is essential.

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