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Order goods abroad

We receive quite often messages about offers from abroad, that this is a nice offer, but unfortunately, it is from abroad. Therefore, we want to clarify this article once orders of reselling products from abroad.

What do I have to consider when ordering from abroad?

In general: There should be no problems with your order in other European countries. We often order products from or, but also from Great Britain or France. There have never been any problems. Tip: just use the Google Translator plugin to translate the page in real time.

Orders from Asia or the USA

On Knallerfalke you will rarely or never see deals from outside Europe. If you order something outside the EU, this can lead to problems with customs. Please inform yourself before you order about the corresponding allowances and customs duties. Furthermore, it is important to book goods ordered from abroad correctly in the accounting program, so that at a later time, for example, no conflicts with the tax office. By the way, since there are more than enough good deals within the EU, we rarely order outside the EU.


Within the EU you can order without any problems, you may only have to create a new account – here you may have difficulties due to the other language. Just use the Google Translator plugin to translate the website in real time. We do not recommend ordering from outside the EU, as customs may cause significant additional expenses.

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