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Reselling Products: Our Top 5 picks 2023

The supreme discipline of a reseller is and remains the selection of suitable reselling products. Those who manage to purchase sought-after products at favorable prices not only make a profit but will also enjoy long-term success. “All beginnings are difficult” – Not always the right product can be found at the beginning.

In this article, we will explain how to find desirable reselling products and how to sell them profitably. We will also present our top 5 reselling products for 2023 and show you where to buy them.

However, it should be noted in advance that it is equally important to find your own niche and find your reselling products. Focusing exclusively on highlights should not be the core business of your reselling business.

How to find reselling products

Especially for beginners, finding suitable reselling products is one of the biggest challenges at the beginning. In this process, it is important not to give up and to keep going. It doesn’t always have to be trendy products like graphics cards or PlayStation 5 game consoles. It is often inconspicuous products that have great sales potential. 

But how can such products be found? A simple tip is to look around your own household and see which products sell well.

Reselling products from everyday life

Once you have found a suitable product, you should check whether there is also a demand for it on the market. This is possible on eBay, for example. To do this, enter the relevant item in the search mask and then filter by sold items or ended offers.

Reselling Produkte

In this way, you can see whether a product is in demand or not.

In the following, we present three product groups that could be particularly interesting for your reselling business.

Items of daily use

There are items that just about everyone uses and does so on a daily basis. This in turn means that wear and tear are high and the products have to be replaced after a certain time. Exactly such articles are very well suited for resellers. Such products include, among others:

  • Shavers
  • Food processors 
  • Toothbrushes


Equally interesting for resellers are electronics that everyone uses. There is an uninterrupted demand here as well:

  • Cameras
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Smart home products

With these product classes, there is also the fact that they quickly become obsolete and are also replaced, even though they are still fully functional.

Smart home products such as surveillance cameras or speakers as well as smartphones and tablets are often heavily reduced and cheap to buy. You can find suitable reselling deals in the Knallerfalke app, for example. If you wish, you can receive a push notification as soon as a new deal is available. At Knallerfalke you will only find deals that are profitable. The Knallerfalke app is free and available for both iOS and Android.

Seasonal products

Seasonal products are also interesting for reselling. Here it is important to think anti-cyclically and buy products when they are cheap and discounted due to low demand:

  • Video games
  • Pools
  • Sleds

Due to low demand, pools, for example, are sold cheaply in the winter. In contrast, video games are expensive at the same time. Resellers who act counter-cyclically buy video games in summer and resell them in winter when demand is high.

In the case of sleds and pools, for example, there may even be seasonal shortages. In a snowy winter, sleds sell out quickly. On online marketplaces such as eBay, good sales prices can be achieved in such a case.

Reselling products: Checklist

In the following checklist, we show you what you should look for in reselling products. When you have found a new product, you can use the checklist to assess whether the item is suitable for reselling. Of course, a product does not have to meet all the points. However, the more points are fulfilled, the more suitable your product is for reselling.

Price calculation

“The profit is in the purchase” – Price calculation is one of the most important points in the reselling business. For your calculation, you should make reference offers on e.g. eBay to help. With the help of a reselling profit calculator, you can calculate your potential profit in advance. It is important that you simulate at least two scenarios, one optimistic and one pessimistic.

Factors that you should include in the price calculation are:

  • Selling fees (e.g. eBay)
  • Transaction fees (e.g. PayPal)
  • Shipping costs


Shipping your reselling product is ideally inexpensive and straightforward. For bulky or heavy items such as large TV sets, shipping can quickly become expensive. However, if the profit is big enough, this should not stop you from accepting higher shipping costs.

Especially for the beginning, DHL Sparsets is a good way to save money on shipping. From a volume of 200 parcels/year, it is also possible to register with DHL as a business customer. However, real cost savings only occur from around 1500 parcels/year. Before this limit, it makes more sense to use the savings sets.

Supply and demand

A product that you can buy very cheaply, but ultimately does not sell, does not bring in any profit. In order to avoid slow-moving items, it is important to check the demand for a product in advance. As already mentioned, this is possible on eBay by filtering for sold items. Among the active listings, you can understand how much competition there is. In the best case, you can undercut your competition on price and thus be competitive.


Finally, stockability is another important factor for your reselling product. Electronic items like smartphones do not require large storage space. This is different for pools or sleds. You can use the price per cubic meter as a comparison value.

Reselling Products: Our highlights

The perfect reselling product – does it even exist? In the following, we present our top 5 reselling products for the year 2023. We specifically address how and where you can buy them at a reasonable price. Our selection includes both used and new products.

Secondhand goods

Experience shows that the highest profit margins can be expected in the used goods sector. However, this is also where the competition is the greatest. Because of this, sought-after products are usually sold quickly.

Video games

Video games are one of the classics among resellers. This reselling niche is highly competitive and profitable at the same time. Especially interesting are older video games that are no longer available in regular stores. Among the most famous consoles of recent years are:

  • PlayStation 2
  • PlayStation 3
  • Nintendo Wii

One game to watch out for is Spider-Man Web of Shadows for the PlayStation 3. This game is sold on eBay for prices up to 70€.

Board games

Also of interest to resellers are older board games. The initial situation is comparable to that of video games. Many older board games are no longer produced and the supply is correspondingly small, although the demand is high.

The board game Phase 10 is sold in the Master Edition for prices up to 70$ on eBay. The original RRP was 9.95$.

Another highlight among resellers is the board game The Black Eye – The Battle of the Dinosaurs by Schmidt Spiele, which has a retail value of just under 100$.

Automated deal search on eBay Classifieds

There are many ways to buy desirable second-hand goods. One of the best known is certainly the classic flea market. On this, the sellers are often unaware of the actual value of their items and thus offer them for sale cheaply.

This is very similar to eBay Classifieds. With popular products, the competition among resellers is great and cheap offers are sold quickly. To be the first to know about new listings, we have developed the Classifieds Monitor.

It monitors your searches and notifies you via push notification when a new listing is available. Unlike the notification feature of eBay Classifieds itself, the Classifieds Monitor notifies you within seconds. This gives you an edge over your competition and you have the opportunity to be the first to buy coveted reselling products like Phase 10.

New goods

Especially for advanced resellers, new goods represent an equally interesting niche. The advantage over used goods is that new goods are easier to procure and therefore scalability is faster. If you have a lot of capital at your disposal, it makes sense to look for suitable reselling products at wholesalers. Alternatively, there are regular offers from well-known online retailers such as that are of interest to resellers.

Amazon products

As part of Amazon Prime Days in the summer or Black Week in the fall, there are many Amazon products with discounts of up to 50% to buy cheap. One example is Echo Dots, which can be resold at Christmas time for profit. With Amazon products, it’s important to wait a bit before selling, as prices on secondary marketplaces like eBay drop initially due to the large supply.


Other electronic items are also regularly reduced and are good for reselling. Experience shows that the best deals are also around Black Friday.

The Bose SoundLink Mini speaker can be cited as one of the most well-known examples from the Knallerfalke community. The speaker can often be bought cheaply on Black Friday.

Top 5 Reselling Products: Our conclusion

Those were them – our top 5 reselling products for 2023. Besides used games like Spider-Man Web of Shadows, Phase 10, or The Black Eye – The Battle of the Dinosaurs, new goods are also suitable for reselling. Our highlights include the Echo Dots from Amazon and the Bose SoundLink Mini speaker.

Use our checklist to find reselling products that are good for reselling. No matter what you want to sell, it is always advisable to do a detailed price calculation beforehand. However, don’t forget to register a business before you start reselling.

With the Classifieds Monitor, you’ll be the first to know about new listings on eBay Classifieds and have a decisive advantage over other resellers. The Knallerfalke app informs you about new product deals via push notification.

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